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Magnesium Citrate 90 capsules

Magnesium Citrate 90 capsules

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Key functions of magnesium:

  • Calms the immune system – less inflammation
  • Reduces nerves hypersensitivity – less pain & muscle tension
  • Calms brain activity – calmer thinking, less stress/anxiety/depression, better sleep
  • Helps make energy
  • Supports bone health

Magnesium should always be given with vitamin B6 and so is usually prescribed as part of the CORE 4 range with the One a Day Essential Multi. Commonly also prescribed with Vitamin D3/ K2 sublingual.

Dose: x1/3 daily (450 mg total), some patients may need an additional capsule giving 600 mg daily total.

Most common side effect is loose bowels – if this occurs advice patient to stop, wait for bowels to normalise, then re-start x1 daily for 3-4 days then increase to x1/2 daily.
Some patients who persistently react to magnesium citrate may tolerate a different form of magnesium but often they react to all forms.
Patients with a history of reactions to supplements/medications should start with x1 daily and slowly increase slowly to x1/3 daily over a week. Suitable for vegans.

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