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One-A-Day Essential Multi 30 Capsules

One-A-Day Essential Multi 30 Capsules

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Persistent pain
Use of stomach acid inhibitors (PPI’s)
Long term stress
For general health and wellness
This is a stand alone product but is commonly prescribed as part of the CORE 4 range with
magnesium citrate/magnesium plus and vitamin D3/K2 sublingual.
What doesn’t it contain?
Clinically meaningless doses of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium.
The recommended intake of potassium is 2000mg and for magnesium is 450 mg (optimal
450-600mg), it is not possible to add these in physiologically meaningful doses in a one a day
Iron should not be taken unless deficiency is diagnosed.

Dose: x1 capsule in the morning.
Suitable for adults only.
Note high dose B2 (riboflavin) will produce bright yellow urine.
Note the vitamin D3 in this product is a natural by product from the wool of sheep which is
sheared as part of keeping sheep healthy. Whilst this means it is not technically vegan it is a
natural part of keeping animals healthy and happy.

Who should not take this product?
Patients on warfarin (due to vitamin K2 content) or pregnant females (due to vitamin A content).

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